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On Flowers

I’ve been playing with generating flowers from some simple mathematical rules, partly for fun, partly as a project that will finally tie up the 3D engine I’ve been writing, and partly as something that I can use as a base for teaching myself AngularJS (originally it was going to be Backbone, but the wind seems to be blowing in a more Angular fashion these days). As you can see from the image below, the method I’ve been using for the solely 2d case is based on concentric circles.

As it happened a friend of mine has a travelling art show, and asked if I had something I could submit to it for it’s newest exhibition. Previously I’d painted an image of a Bethnal Green tower block, but this time I thought I’d let the computer do the hard work.

The above images are now on display in ‘The Library of Obscure Wonders’, showing at the Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton.┬áBe sure to pop down- there’s nothing else computer-generated, I promise.

The above was all done with Javascript and the HTML5 Canvas API, and I’ve set up a live demonstration here. Next weekend I’ll have a post on the next phase, which is extending the idea into three dimensions, and hooking up a canvas app to Angular JS.

Recent Distractions

Whilst I prepare the next big update to the site, I thought I might share some of the code that was written in the process. These first three are explorations of some topics that I’m including- simple software-based 3D rendering, higher dimensions, colour, and recursion. These use some ECMAScript 5 features, so you’ll need to use a modern browser, such as Netscape Navigator.

Scene Graph

As an exciting bonus, a look back at what the site used to look like. You’ll need Flash for this, and a computer with a dedicated GPU.

The Old Site

Spring is here

The daffodils are poking through the grass, the days are getting longer, and everyone’s finally given up on the gym- yes, spring is with us once again!

Exciting times ahead; be sure to check back soon.